DNS Lookup Service

DNStable a Spyse service that helps leverage open-source databases to get DNS data of domains of your partners, competitors, or your own infrastructure. The DNS lookup tool lets you find DNS records of domain names, CIDR, and IP addresses
Lots of Data. Fast
We’ve developed our own DNS records lookup tool which enables quick parsing of massive datasets, fetching all necessary DNS data quickly
Up To Date
We provide the latest and most accurate DNS records lookup; all records are stored on our database and updated regularly
Offline Access
Download DNS data in TSV format; store and access it offline at your convenience
Who Needs DNS lookup Service?
Pentesters and Security Engineers
Checking DNS records allows security experts to find and identify vulnerable endpoints and prevent cyber threats. DNS lookup will help Pentesters to find exposures; security engineers can use DNS records to monitor their domains settings, see cases of unauthorized access, traffic redirection or domain theft
System administrator
Sysadmins can use the DNS lookup service to perform preventive measures and protect a business network from security breaches. This tool helps them ensure stable server performance by using domain owner validation and optimization of various DNS records like TXT, MX, NS, SOA, and AAAA
Business Analyst
DNS lookup also lets users evaluate relationships between various companies. Complemented by a built-in autonomous system scanner, business analysts can use the lookup tool to perform competition analysis and estimate investment prospects of their business
Unregistered users can't use the full range of DNStable opportunities
What You Will Get
Credit System

All Spyse services work on the flexible credit system designed to get a broad view of how our tools can help you.

This eliminates the need for individual subscriptions, allowing you to take full advantage of all Spyse services at once. When signing up, you receive 3 credits for searching and filtering information(300 requests), downloading it (up to 10k data rows) and using our task or monitoring tools. Once per month, you receive one complimentary credit. We hope you will use those free credits to test the whole range of Spyse services.

DNStable API
Any user of Spyse services, unregistered as well as registered, can leverage our API solution.
Application Programming Interface, or API for short, is a toolset of data-driven algorithms designed to streamline communication of various hardware and software libraries, web apps or their components.
Users can benefit from using our free public API. Feel free to integrate it with your software or program to gain access to all Spyse tools and services. We maintain a credit system, allowing you to use the API without registration for limited types of requests such as searching, filtering. Once you sign up to DNStable, you will get 3 free credits to test the API features and all range of Spyse tools in all their glory. The API token can be found on the main page of your user cabinet
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How it works
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1. Look Them Up
Input the domain name, the CIDR or the IP address you’d like to look up, and filter out results
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2. Receive Data Instantly
All the latest datasets are stored on our servers; you can rely on DNStable for immediate results
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3. Keep The Records
Once finished, you are free to download, store and share your obtained records
Enterprise plan
Need more data or custom features? Feel free to contact us
Filtering and pagination will use Credits
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