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About service

The DNStable team creates a service for 360-degree viewing of DNS records by domains, IP addresses, mail servers and AS-blocks. We collect, analyze and consolidate millions of records of the most popular types of DNS records: A, AAAA, MX, NS, SOA, TXT records, etc. To provide you with more profitable experience in our IT security online service, we create aggregate tables of TOP domains, countries, providers. Keep in touch with DNStable, and all together we can improve online service.

Our mission

The purpose of team is providing a convenient tool for DNS records lookup with the most complete information about the public Internet structure of DNS. Every day, team updates the database with new DNS records, which we find with the help of your user requests. By registering and executing search requests, you become active co-authors of the service. The formation of best DNS records lookup service for Red and Blue teamers, who securing their corporate networks is our main goal. in numbers

Together with you, team daily expand the database of DNS around the world.
To date, we have collected:
More than 3 750M DNS records
From 55K providers on 243 Countries
Every day, our base grows on 5M DNS records