DNS information for ns2.123-reg.co.uk

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IP addresses (A records)
IP? TTL? Country Organization AS? Timestamp? TTL 165 Country
Organization Host Europe GmbH AS AS8972 Timestamp Aug 2017
SOA records
NS Domain? Hostmaster? Serial? Refresh? Retry? Expires? TTL? Timestamp?
ns.123-reg.co.uk Hostmaster hostmaster.123-reg.co.uk Serial 2014020702 Refresh 3600 Retry 3600 Expires 1209600 TTL 59 Timestamp Aug 2017
PTR records
IP? Hostname Timestamp? Hostname ns2.123-reg.co.uk Timestamp Nov 2018 Hostname ns2.123-reg.co.uk Timestamp Nov 2017
Domains on same IP
ns1.magic-moments.com, yfcnortheast.org, ns4.123-reg.co.uk
Domain Country Organization AS? SD? Timestamp?
ns1.magic-moments.com Country
Organization Host Europe GmbH ASN AS8972 SD - Timestamp Feb 2018
yfcnortheast.org Country
United Kingdom
Organization Host Europe GmbH ASN AS20738 SD 2 Timestamp Dec 2017
ns4.123-reg.co.uk Country
Organization Host Europe GmbH ASN AS8972 SD - Timestamp Aug 2017
ns2.123-reg.co.uk Country
Organization Host Europe GmbH ASN AS8972 SD - Timestamp Aug 2017
Using as MX
30 of  137
tinafestival.com, ukpavingandbrickwork.co.uk
Domain IP? Country Organization AS? Timestamp?
tinafestival.com IP Country
United States
Organization Handy Networks, LLC ASN AS30475 Timestamp Sep 2018
ukpavingandbrickwork.co.uk IP Country
United Kingdom
Organization 1&1 Internet SE ASN AS8560 Timestamp Mar 2018


Time to live is used for computer data including DNS servers. It is nothing but time on the period of time or number of iterations or transmissions in computer and computer network technology that a unit of data (e.g. a packet) can experience before it should be discarded. Usually TTL value is 86400 seconds, which is 24 hours.


Last time seen by DNStable.

MX Record

MX stands for "Mail eXchanger".


Autonomous System - owner of IP addresses and unit of routing policy of the Internet

NS record

Name Server (NS) Record: Describes a name server for the domain that permits DNS lookups within several zones. The host name of the primary DNS server for the zone.


The e-mail address of the person responsible for the zone. The standard for this is the "hostmaster" alias - such as "hostmaster@example.com" (hostmaster.example.com in a field). In a hostmaster field @ symbol always replace by dot.


Used by secondary DNS servers to check if the zone has changed. If the serial number is higher than what the secondary server has, a zone transfer will be initiated. Often serial number is performed like date: yyyymmddnn (where nn - is a index number in current day).

Refresh interval

How often secondary DNS servers should check if changes are made to the zone.

Retry interval

How often secondary DNS server should retry checking if changes are made - if the first refresh fails.

Expires interval

How long the zone will be valid after a refresh. Secondary servers will discard the zone if no refresh could be made within this interval.


On Same Host. Indicate, how many domain DNS A record mapped to same IP address.


Number of domain subdomains.


Last seen IP address for domain

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